Research Interests

How do objects or any kind of concepts are represented in human brains? What is the underlying process of the human mind and how does such a process lead to our behaviors? I am mainly focused on the computational approach to solve these questions, applying various machine learning techniques to brain data (e.g. fMRI, EEG).

I am interested in the field of computational neuroscience to investigate the neural basis of intelligence. As the mechanisms underlying the brain are too complex, the implications from reductive and constrained experiments are not sufficient to fully understand the brain, even though they might entail strong inference. However, there are analytical challenges in naturalistic experiments, where subjects' behaviors are un- or less constrained. I believe the challenges can be tackled by applying machine learning techniques, and it will lead to a better understanding of the human brain.

I believe one of the best ways of understanding something is to build it. I have been fascinated by AI and was involved in several projects in related fields: natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. I am especially interested in developing AI which can think and act like a human. I believe this line of work will lead to a better understanding of how intelligence emerges.